In early 2021 the Minnesota Department of Health advised Waverly that, upon recommendation of the US EPA, MDH is now testing for manganese in drinking water although manganese remains an uncontrolled and unregulated substance.  Waverly received information that the late December 2020 test showed that at the wellhead, Waverly's water has levels of manganese greater than MDH recommended health guidelines.  Waverly is working on both short and long-term plans to address this, even though MDH is not recommending action at this time.


Information about manganese, effects on health, levels in various food and drink, and other pertinent facts are being gathered from the Minnesota Department of Health, the US EPA, the National Institute of Health, and other sources and will be posted here.  


March 9, 2021 Letter to Waverly Residents

March 8, 2021 Test Results - Water Samples in Selected Waverly Homes

Minnesota Department of Health Fact Sheet

Minnesota Department of Health Presentation to Waverly City Council