Pets - Rules and Regulations

Pets - We all love our own - but not everyone may love all pets and you may not like your neighbors!  Here are a few of the rules and regulations that are designed to make certain that your neighbor loves your pet nearly as much as you do!


Dogs and Cats

 Dogs and cats must be kept on their owner's property.  Dogs and cats are not permitted to run at large in the city.  Invisible fencing designed to keep dogs restrained may not be 100% effective.  It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that their dogs are kept on their property and do not cause a nuisance within the neighborhood.

Licenses are required for dogs.  The license tag, good for 2 years, may be obtained from the City Clerk's office and costs $10.00.  You must have a copy of the certificate of rabies vaccine from your veterinarian to obtain a license.  Licenses do two things:  they ensure that every dog has had a rabies vaccination and if by some unfortunate circumstance your dog runs away and is found, the city can find you, the owner, quickly!  Follow this link to find the dog license application.

Dog owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs!.  Park areas are to remain free of animal debris.  If is the dog walker's responsibility to clean up litter and debris from their dogs.  Please help with this - you don't want your children to step in or play in dog debris and you don't want to be cleaning up your yard after others dogs!  Return the favor- don't make it so that children are playing in your dog's debris or so that your neighbor is cleaning up after your dog!  

A maximum of two dogs are allowed per residence in the city.  If you want three or more dogs, please apply for an interim use kennel permit at the city office.

Please do not feed stray cats or dogs or they will linger!  This could present a health risk to the public or the animal if the animal is diseased or in bad health due to abandonment or neglect.  Call the City Office - someone will pick up the animal.

Habitual barking and howling by dogs is a public nuisance when it occurs continually for 10 minutes.  Residents of Waverly may file a complaint with the Wright County Sheriff's Office if a neighborhood dog continually barks or howls causing a disturbance.


What type of animal can I have in Waverly?

You can have any type of animal in your home as long as it is not classified as a farm animal.  Our definition of farm animals includes chickens, geese, ducks.  So, chickens are not allowed in Waverly.  You can find a copy of our animal ordinance here.