Refuse and Recycling


The City of Waverly contracts with Mumford Sanitation to provide refuse pick up and single sort recycling services to all residents in the city. Residents can only obtain refuse pick up service thru the city and charges are included in the monthly water/sewer/refuse bill.

Mumford will deliver Garbage and Recycling bins to your home.  Call the City Office for this service.


MONTHLY RATES (Effective April 2023)

For Garbage:

30 Gallon can                              $11.38/month
60 Gallon can                              $15.01/month
90 Gallon can                              $17.05/month
(all rates include $1.00 per month City Fee on Hauler's rate)

For Single Sort Recycling:         $4.50/month for all units.    



Refuse is picked up each Monday.  Please have your garbage can on the curb before 7:00 am.

Recycling pick-up is scheduled for every other Monday of the month.  Please place the provided recycle can on the left side of your driveway as you face the street and place the garbage can on the right side of the drive way.



You May Recycle: Glass bottles & jars; plastic items with #1 thru #7, aluminum cans, tine/metal cans/newspapers, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, phone books, corrugated cardboard, box-board (cereal boxes, pop and beer cases), and shredded paper (in a closed paper bag).

You May NOT Recycle:  gift wrapping paper, Styrofoam plates, glasses, etc., waxed paper, bubble wrap, diapers, carbon paper, dirty paper towels, plastic bags, motor oil or antifreeze containers, paint pails, drinking glasses or dishes, window or plate glass, light bulbs or ceramics, used kitty litter, paint or aerosol cans.