Public Works and City Maintenance


The Public Works Department's primary responsibilities are operating and maintaining the water and sewer system throughout the city, maintenance of the park and trail system, and street upkeep and repair including snow removal in the winter.  The Department has four full-time employees and also employs seasonal help for mowing in the summer.


Public Works staff is available on a 24/7 basis to respond to any water, sewer or other emergencies.  SEE EMERGENCY NUMBERS BELOW.


Contact information for each of our full-time employees can be found in the Staff Directory.


Maintenance Supervisor: Jason Karels

Maintenance Staff:  Nick Kizer   Emergency:  612-290-9110

Maintenance Staff:  Joey Kittock  Emergency 612-290-9112

Maintenance Staff:  Joe Gallus   Emergency 612-290-1033

Please note that the staff does not respond to text messages!