City Clerk/Treasurer


The City Clerk/Treasurer's office is responsible for the Administration of the City's day to day operations (outside of maintenance), for maintaining all financial accounts for both the city and the Municipal Liquor Store, preparing budgets, utility invoices and receipts, for all building permits, facility rentals, ordinance compliance,  coordinating all meetings (including material preparation), filing all state and federal reports, and the myriad other duties necessary to keep the City running smoothly.


City Clerk-Treasurer:  Deb Ryks

Deputy Clerk:  Chris Kittock

Receptionist: Marie Leistiko



Office Hours are from 8:00 am - 5:30 pm Monday thru Thursday
and 8:00 am - noon on Friday

Contact Information can be found in the Staff Directory


Information on renting the Village Hall or Legion Park Pavilion can be found here


The Fee Schedule can be found here